Frequently asked questions and answers

I have not received my booking confirmation / have deleted it

If you have not received a booking confirmation, please check your spam folder first. If you no longer have the confirmation, please contact our customer service at service@apcoa.de with your name, booking period, email address and - if available - your booking number. You will receive a new booking confirmation by e-mail.

Resend booking confirmation

In the area "My account" you have the possibility to resend a booking confirmation with your e-mail address and booking number or your login (with registration).

How does the entry with license plate work?

Automatic license plate recognition is the most modern and easiest way to park. By scanning the license plate number provided when booking your parking space online, you can simply drive in and out. The cameras work in the infrared range and only detect reflective surfaces. We only keep the license plate number for as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

What happens if my license plate/booking is not recognized?

Please make sure your license plate is free of debris (especially in the winter due to snow, slush or dirt). Entry is generally possible without a reservation (as a short-term parker). If you, as a booking customer, are shown the message "please pay extra" at the exit, please press the call help button and state your booking number. If you leave within the booked period, the barrier will be opened for you. If you exceed the booked parking time, please pay at the pay station before leaving.

How can I change my license plate number?

Registered customers have the possibility to change the license plate number in their account (and unregistered customers with their e-mail address and booking number) under the desired booking.

Can I change/cancel my pitch booking?

Cancellations and rebookings are possible in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of APCOA Deutschland GmbH up to 48 hours before booked entry.

I have parked longer than stated in the booking!

If the booked parking time is exceeded, an additional payment at the pay station is necessary. To do this, enter your license plate number at the pay station. The parking fee to be paid will be calculated on the basis of the publicly displayed parking rates valid at the time of entry and the actual time spent in the parking facility. After paying, you can leave the parking lot.

Where can I park my car?

By booking a parking space, no special parking space is reserved. If there is no extra signage, you may use any parking space in the booked parking lot.

How can I pay my online booking?

You have the following payment options to pay your online booking:

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